Application Development

Web and mobile application development using variety of technologies. Our expertise and your requirements combined to deliver desired products.

Software Development & Operations

Software development by field: Architecture (design, schemas, patterns), Backend (APIs, database schemas, frameworks), Frontend (responsive, SPA), and Mobile (native, cross-platform); backed by Operations (CI and CD pipelines, containers (Docker), platforms (Kubernetes), and various Cloud services offered by AWS, Azure, and GCP)

Our role and responsibilities: planning, designing, implementation, testing, integration, migration, delivery, maintenance, support, education. 

Technologies and Frameworks

Using .NET, .NET Core, Angular, ReactJS, Xamarin

Database Development

SSQL, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL.
Together with exceptional architecture your data will deliver desired results and keep the performance at its maximum.

Reporting and Analysis

We are using multiple tools to present your data in the form it makes most sense.
SQL Server Reporting Services
Crystal Reports/Analysis
VB Reporting/Analysis

Project Intake

Project Intake is a process of obtaining, analyzing, defining, and refining project requirements in the form of Estimation Worksheet, project architecture proposal, and documentation draft; which precedes project Discovery Phase. Project Intake involves Client, our Biz Dev, and Project Intake team members.

Project Discovery Phase

Plan, organize, execute, and document project discovery phase requirements and outcomes, together with Client, our Biz Dev, and Project Discovery Phase team members.  

Project Kickoff and Inception

Oversee and support projects kickoff and inception together with the Delivery Team (team leaders, product owners, scrum masters, etc.), ensuring the implementation of internal policies and technical standards. Whenever necessary, take an active role as an architect or Technical Lead.

Active Project Support (APS)

Support active projects and staff members concerning technical matters on an ad-hoc basis, and discuss the project status with Delivery Team at least once a month.

Project Audit

Plan, organize, execute, and document project audit requirements and outcomes, together with Delivery Team and APS team members. Promptly report to Management on any potential issue.

Technical Interviews

Support the HR team in defining criteria and procedures required for a well organized and effective technical interview process. Prepare and review technical interview questions and exercises for each technology stack in focus. Involve senior staff members when more specific expert knowledge required.

All Hands on Deck (AHOD)

Take an active role in AHOD situations by planning, organizing, and executing the resolution of problems in a most effective way, together with AHOD team members. Promptly report to Management on any potential issue.

Practice Groups (PG)

Support PGs in defining best practices and policies required for the highest possible technical excellence of projects. Ensure the implementation of PGs best practices and procedures through APS activities and project audits.